10 Google Chrome extensions to boost your productivity

Our days are punctuated by “to do lists” that we often don’t have time to complete… and for good reason, it is easy to move from one task to another, to respond to untimely requests such as emails and other notifications of all kinds, to spend a little too much time on our Facebook or Instagram news feeds and then finally to lose track of what we had started.


Yet, our brain is like this: we can only really perform one task at a time . We had already compiled the 5 tips for Freelancers to improve their productivity , today we are going to tell you how to discipline yourself to keep your mind focused on what you are doing and not give in to the temptation of ” multi-tasking ” inherent in our modern ways of working!


Note that Google Chrome – the most used browser in the world – has developed a whole range of extensions dedicated to productivity at work . Here is a selection to make you more productive than ever!

1/ Momentum

This extension is here to motivate you and get you back on track if you had decided to procrastinate ! Before starting your work day, you fill in your goal for the day. Each time you open a new tab, your goal will reappear against a panoramic landscape background with an inspirational quote as a bonus. Momentum also gives you the opportunity to add your “to do list” of the day as a tab.


Source: Shopify

2/ Dayboard
We’ve already told you, but to be effective, you have to prioritize first . Dayboard is a “to do list” type tool that reminds you of your 5 most Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List important tasks for the day . Thus, each time you open a new tab, your 5 missions of the day will be displayed automatically! Dayboard gives you the ability to share these tasks with your team and also offers an archiving feature .

Source: Dayboard.co

3/ Web Timer

Because when working on a computer with a WiFi connection, it is easy to get distracted by social networks, Youtube or blogs, Google Chrome offers you a “tracking” extension that offers you at the end of the day the statistics of your activities for the day . You then have access to the time actually spent working: a record to beat the next day!


Productivity when you hold us: because we are not always able to police ourselves, Strict Workflow automatically activates a stopwatch according to the Pomodoro technique : 25 minutes of productive work against 5 minutes of break. During the 25 minutes of work, the extension blocks distraction sites such as Facebook and Youtube – it’s up to you to configure them – forcing you to dedicate yourself entirely to the task at hand. Smart!


Source: Google Chrome Webstore

5/ Start Me

This extension is fantastic because it aggregates on a single dashboard all the information you need and is completely customizable. You can index your favorite shortcuts, applications and sites there, automatically bring up the weather and the news of the day, write down your “to do list” and much more. Enough to save you time each time you open a session!


Source: Google Chrome Webstore

6/ Onetab

If you open countless browser tabs during your working day, then this extension is for you! Indeed, difficult to navigate with all these open windows which ultimately do not make our task that much easier. In order to stay focused on the task at hand, Onetab allows you to save all your open tabs ” for later ” and organize them into groups. A good way to save time and not get caught up in pages that are not useful to us at the moment T.


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If you have trouble switching from one tool to another and managing all your deadlines , this extension allows you to compile in one place all your current tasks on all your web tools – it recognizes about forty of them, from Gmail to Trello via Zendesk, Basecamp or Evernote.


Source: Google Chrome Webstore

8/ Candy

Inspiration is the cradle of awakening, development and creativity – and therefore often, of success. Google Chrome has understood this well. And offers you with the Candy extension a way to save your. Favorite URLs but also fragments of texts Gulf Phone Number and quotes unearthed. Here and there according to your navigation thanks to a simple copy / paste selection.


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