Skills of the most sought-after professionals Decide where you want to be in your professional field. Proof that talent is a scarce commodity for which the most important companies compete is the investment and resources they dedicate to recruiting and maintaining the best professionals. In 2007, Google established a policy to counter-offer job offers that its employees received from other companies in less than an hour. Talent is not something intangible, it is valued in the market as a product. Eduardo Moreno @edulcoro writes that the future is already here but you are not going to like it.

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In the ranking of the professions that generate the most opportunities prepared by the job portal @infojobs in 2014. The most in-demand professions that suffer the most unemployment are not found. This is partly because the portals do not mediate job offers related to many conventional executive data professions (and therefore they do not appear) but also because the labor market offers more and more opportunities to professionals with technological skills and to professionals with technological skills. selling. 

It is versatile. He has certain specialties about frameworks, languages, libraries, programming environments, design patterns, etc. but the most important thing is that he knows how to acquire them easily. Versatility is the ability to specialize early. In the world there are only 11,000 brilliant programmers (“fucking masters”) and in Spain, only 400.

Carlos Guardiola wrote

The talent milonga , a reflection applied to the world of technology from an exercise. Without statistical value but that serves to gain perspective. Carlos is the innovation director of the company Mediante Software. Which has more than two hundred workers in Spain. The USA and Mexico, mostly programmers Gulf Phone Number integrated into @sngular_team. An innovation business group. The 2014 Worldwide Software Developer and ICT-Skilled Worker Estimates report analyzed the ICT sector of 90 countries covering 97% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. The report shows that 29 million professionals work in the “new technologies” sector. 80,000 of these professionals work at Apple, 37,000 at Google and only 55 at WhatsApp.