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Of those 29 million ICT professionals, more than 11 million (37%) have software development as their main paid activity. How to get an idea of ​​the impact that technology has on the professional labor market, according to UNESCO in 2007 there were 27 million teachers around the world. talentcurve2 If we represent the 11 million programmers using the normal distribution function, 1.7 million have very low talent , are considered bad professionals and are more likely to be in precarious or poorer quality jobs.

In Spain, more than 60 thousand people would fall into this category. 7.5 million programmers (68.2%) have average or “normal” talent , of which 275,000 work in Spain. The next category is occupied by 1.5 million professionals who stand out from the rest .

They know How to Do

And are surely recognized by supervisors, colleagues and clients. In Spain, these outstanding programmers number 54,000 people. 231,000 programmers are cracks, excellent professionals . The people who work alongside them value them as references. In Spain, there are only 8,500 programming company data cracks. Finally, in the whole world there are only 11,000 brilliant developers , recognized by locals and strangers, communities and international forums as gurus or fucking masters. In Spain there are only 400 people .

There are no better or worse categories, there are only categories that you want or don’t want to be in. This numerical exercise may have limited validity, but the important thing is that it leads us to ask ourselves questions about our career and professional positioning. Where has your talent put you? How can you develop it to put yourself in the place you want?

He has completed several training activities:

A cook course, a supermarket cashier course, a baker course, and the last administrative employee course. Each of these actions included hundreds of teaching hours. None of these activities have provided with access to related employment or a clear improvement in his wandering professional career. Free courses Gulf Phone Number also have a high opportunity cost if they are not relevant. could have alternatively used all that training time to strengthen himself professionally.

Perhaps doing a full cycle of formal vocational training; learning a language, perhaps outside of Spain; or ‘definitely’ specialize in a professional sector, for example, in catering, complementing their training as a baker with that of a pastry chef, for example. The cornetites effect affects us all, regardless of our objectives, qualifications and experience. The problem is general: studying without planning or specializing the career. 

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