Asked about her employee advocate program.Sylvie Lachkar believes that the word of a corporate channel can be taken for promotional content. For more authenticity, companies must rely. On the testimony of their employees. Who share their story, transmit emotion. To enrich the content. Edith Taillart’s advice. “ Study who your targets are, where to find them, listen to them to find out. What they need and what interests them. The solutions in terms of tool and message will then come quite naturally ”. To measure actions, “ it is important to track communication actions. In order to be able to measure and optimize them . Explains Edouard Lauwick. Masterclass: Advanced TV, the keys.

That will reach more than 10 million people

The Advanced TV market is getting organised. It targets traditional publishers and new players, such as telecom operators who hold the data of box customers. Although segmented television already Philippines Phone Number List exists in the United States, advertisers have to adapt their message with commercial offers in a given area. For campaigns that will reach more than 10 million people, Frédéric Degouy, Marketing and Revenue Management Director at Next Media Solutions, advises relying on the data provided by Médiamétrie. Below 8 or 10 million people, segmented television will be a real growth driver.

To offer dynamic programming in addition

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The 4 levers of Advanced TV are geolocation, first-time buyers (with markets that have never used television because  it is too broadly targeted), removal of the core target and optimization of coverage thanks to data. The mechanics of the Gulf Phone Number offer make it possible to offer dynamic programming in addition to your campaign for optimal coverage. Data is at the heart of media agencies’ challenges, using it to better target, measure and increase attention. This is a basic trend, which affects all media.the TV of tomorrow Faced with changes in behavior, with more volatile consumers who consult multiple platforms.