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Assess competition for selected keywords with Google’s Keyword Planner . The good thing about long-tail keywords is that there are a lot of them, which is why almost 80% of keyword research traffic today comes from long-tail keywords. After the length and the competition, try to evaluate the intention behind the request to favor those which convert the best: to have information, to compare or to buy?

You can then incorporate these terms into

Your long-tail keywords, such as “buy a lightweight business laptop with built-in SD card reader.” The first term can change to be “compare” or “features” or “brands”. If you adapt your long-tail keywords in such a way that your intentions Sweden Phone Number List converge with those of the Internet user, you will quickly rise in the search results. 2) Choose keyword-rich titles You probably already know this but titles are extremely important for the Google algorithm.

8 out of 10 Internet users read

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the title of a page, but only 2 out of 10 read the entire content. When it comes to the Google results page, most of us only read the first two words of each result to decide if it matches the query. Vary your titles with the selected long-tail keywords in order to have the best chance of going up favorably in the search engine! 3) Always keep in mind the Gulf Phone Number intention of the user Focus on why the user is searching. Put yourself in their shoes and do the research yourself. Depending on the first results that come in, see how you can go even further in precisely targeting the response to it.

The closer you are to the results the user is looking for, the more Google will favor your content. To go further in perfecting your SEO, go to our article “ Keyword positioning monitoring: SEO success ” and “ On page SEO: 5 simple tips to optimize your SEO ”, or contact us. directly.

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