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So, will artificial intelligence replace Your Weekly editors. Copywriters or niche writers? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, this is something. I will talk about later in this post… As I told you a moment ago, after discovering. GPT-3, I learned about artificial intelligence and began working on. The idea of ​​what has now become. Escribelo , the best writing assistant with artificial intelligence in Spanish . And yes, I created my own tool after a year and several months of continuous daily work, to increase the productivity of my writers and thus be able to create content more effectively.

Copywriters and editors Your Weekly with a lot of experience

Although… Editorial assistant? Let’s see Anas, explain top industry data what that is and how it works. An editorial assistant is a tool based on pre-trained artificial intelligence models to create content. Escribelo has been trained by a great team of copywriters and editors with a lot of experience in the sector, such as Carmelo Beltrán (alias: copymelo), who has been dedicating himself to copywriting since 2015 and has worked on the funnels and copies of great references in different sectors (you are probably a client of one). Obviously .

Since I avoid all creative blocks

I can’t do such a big project by myself, although I’ll show Gulf Phone Number you exactly what it’s about in this little video : This has allowed me to create content 10 times faster, increasing my productivity (and that of my team), since I avoid all creative blocks (goodbye once and for all to blank page syndrome). In addition, optimized for SEO (and not over-SEOptimized like some bad writers do who simply sell you content by weight to move on to the next order quickly). As I tell you, this tool has been trained under the experience of great professionals and a young SEO who managed to earn €50,000 with Google AdSense at the age of 16.

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