No matter the nature of your business and the size of your business, if you want to be successful, you need a marketing plan. Marketing, like any discipline, requires rigor and organization: from the moment we set objectives ( see our article dedicated to the definition of marketing objectives ), it is necessary to set up a calendar and to mark out the time with very specific steps to achieve it. So far, that’s pretty logical.


But what is a marketing plan exactly? According to Google, the marketing plan is “ a plan listing concrete operational actions planned for a given period (one year for example). It therefore describes the target customers, the means to be implemented, the operations to be carried out, the activity figures to be achieved and the corresponding deadlines. »


So why is the marketing plan so vitally important to a business? Well, because it makes it possible to best optimize essential resources – time, budget, effort – and to achieve the best performance and return on investment. But it also has other no less essential advantages that we have reviewed for you.


Maximizing the impact of your actions

Planning marketing actions means above all conscientiously studying your target customers but also your competitors. After a phase of observation, benchmarking, data analysis and even studies conducted using polls, surveys or focus groups, you know precisely who your consumers and prospects are, how they buy, where and why. You know how your competitors talk to them, on what channels, in what tone, and perceive what works. All this information allows you to design your actions with the assurance of maximizing your impact.

impact of marketing actions
Perfect knowledge of your ROI
Knowing your market well allows you to know. Exactly where to invest to have the best visibility and the best return on investment. You know how to balance the allocation of your resources among. The different tools and levers because you Cayman Islands Phone Number List know what works. You also manage your cash flow better by planning actions throughout the year according to the high points. Finally, the most important thing: you do not take risks and base your financial decisions on rational. Concrete and solid facts. You know in advance that such an action will bring you so much. In terms of new customers, sales, turnover. You control your growth and can plan your development.

knowledge of ROI
Better identify your opportunities
A marketing plan evolves over time, it is not fixed. For what ? Because starting from a clearly established situation, you will have more time to “feel” the market, study new trends, be on the lookout for new markets and adapt in a subtle way as time goes by. Your positioning as a brand is thus constantly adjusted, established and confirmed. The social networks and the “metrics” set up on your merchant site ( see our article dedicated to the analysis of your data on Google Analytics ) allow you to have in real time precise knowledge of the behavior of your customers vis-à-vis -vis your offer and maximize your appeals both internally and externally.

A gain in terms of reputation and credibility
Mastering your subject, your budget and your growth is obvious and reassuring. You are in the right place at the right time, you know how to talk to your customers, you know how to get them to come to you and buy your products. This strengthens your credibility as a major player in your market, and this with your entire ecosystem: prospects, customers, competitors, suppliers, partners, investors… a considerable advantage to keep an advantage over your competitors and control your development. !

Being one step ahead of the future

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Forecast of the future
These are the main reasons for the usefulness of an annual marketing plan. With planning, less risk of failure!

To better support decision-makers in planning. Defining and achieving their objectives. Marketer now offers a tool for defining objectives. n analytics and Gulf Phone Number a marketing plan, with a list of actions to be implemented. If you wish to obtain information on this tool and to be accompanied in a precise manner in the definition of your marketing plan, do not hesitate to contact our experts.