We know that each company has its own challenges and problems. Based on this observation, our jury will focus less on strategic decisions than on your interpretation of inbound strategy for your own business. Because for us, an inbound marketing strategy means respecting the fundamentals, but not only! It also means knowing how to adapt them to one’s profession and environment, while daring to add a touch of originality, the one that will make the difference and will be able to touch the prospect and convert him into a customer. In short, to try to win this Grand Prix, five essentials are to be remembered.

To appear naturally in the results

The fundamentals Of course, who says inbound marketing strategy first says mastering the digital fundamentals! Any digital strategy is based on these three basic levers. Which must be assessed and Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List implemented according to your objectives audience acquisition, conversion. As you have understood, we are obviously talking here about natural referencing, paid referencing and content, which are essential in BYOB Marketing. Natural referencing (SEO) is the basis of any website. Without him, impossible to be seen! To appear naturally in the results of Google and search engines on the keywords that interest you,

The heart of Google’s concerns

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Your site must rely on three central elements: The technical structure The contents Netlinking. No digital strategy can be done without deep work on natural referencing. Since user intent is at the heart of  Google’s concerns, which strongly values ​​it in its algorithms, it is what will have to carry out all your work, both in the structure of your site Gulf Phone Number and in its content. Paid referencing ( SEA) is not the opposite of natural referencing, but rather its auxiliary! This involves bidding on keywords that correspond to your activity, your products or your services, in order to place your website in the first paid results (“advertisement” label) of search engines. Finally, content is the centerpiece of your inbound strategy.