By working on various levers such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, CNIEL has been able to boost its notoriety and digital visibility. CNIEL succeeded in implementing a buzz strategy by collaborating with influencers to whom they gave carte blanche for content. This audacity paid off with 365 million interactions. Fanja Sancéau, Expert inbound marketing project manager at Winbound and member of the jury Favorite prize n°1 – Alliance Bio Expertise Alliance Bio Expertise Sylvain Chauvet Sylvain Chauvet, receives the jury’s favorite prize for the strategy of Alliance Bio Expertise The No. 1 favorite prize is awarded to Sylvain Chauvet, from Alliance Bio Expertise.

The originality and the desire to get out of traditional

The jury was seduced by the original and unprecedented strategy put in place by the brand. In 3 points. The strategy boils Italy Phone Number List down to. A blog to support the brand acquisition strategy .The involvement of Internet users, as with the rewriting of .The Marseillaise in a Microbiology version .The originality and the desire to get out of traditional channels.With in particular the creation of a board game on microbiology.The Bacteki It was this strategy that won over the jury. With few means, Alliance Bio Expertise has been able to respond. To commercial prospecting which is expensive and difficult to assess.

They prove that by going beyond the framework

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To set up beautiful things, using humor in a not easy sector. I also note a superb collaboration of Internet users. This  is a real sign of the brand’s ability to involve everyone, internet users, but also management and sales. Olivier Méril, President of MV Group and member of the jury Alliance Bio Expertise has shown great originality Gulf Phone Number and creativity in its Inbound Marketing approach. They also mixed print and digital media. They prove that by going beyond the framework, by innovating, we often obtain good results. Stéphane Truphème,The Guest Suite strategy led by Clément Poupeau and Loïc Bourgoin was also rewarded. By embarking on inbound marketing, the challenge.