Which is why the editorial design is very important

As possible to return to the office with advice to distill to your team. Those who can best talk about. Its editorial strategy allowed it to “personify” its brand, giving it a unique and recognizable positioning. We will receive Yvain Ducrocq during a BDM round table on January 28th devoted precisely to the personification of brands on social networks during Inbound Marketing France 2020 , an event of which we are partners. While waiting to see him perform live, we offer you an interview with Interflora’s digital communication manager, who gives us behind the scenes of his social media strategy.

To have a real impact and not only

Since when did Interflora invest in social networks Was his strategy written from the start? Interflora has been actively involved in social networks for 5 years. Our strategy was clear but it has evolved a lot over Colombia Phone Number List time, we have adapted to this medium by adapting our communications to have a real impact and not only “to be there to be there”. In addition, our baseline has changed from “The Power of Flowers” to “Messenger of your emotions” which has also had an impact on the content we broadcast. In which spaces are you present today? How, with what tone? We are present on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram . Our communication is based on 3 main axes: Love sentimental relationships in the broad sense.

A bouquet is not offered simply because

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Humor and flowers of course. We are not here to talk about flowers at all costs or to push people to order, but rather to Gulf Phone Number create brand attachment. If a person needs to send flowers, we are of course there to help and advise them. The important thing for us is to “create stories”. A bouquet is not offered simply because it is pretty but because it has a story. Which is why the editorial design is very important in our communication. On Twitter The account is managed by a flower “Flora”.Which spreads Love every day with sometimes (often). A humor at the level of the daisies. This account is very active with an average of 10 tweets per day and it’s a great way for us to create “links” with Internet users.

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