As well as how effective different subject lines are. That said. When mail privacy protection is made publicly available by apple. The feature will effectively disable open-tracking for users who opt in to using it. Making open rate a relatively unreliable metric. And with more inbox providers set to follow suit. Open rate will only become more and more unreliable. Better insights to build winning campaigns our analytics suite gives you smart. Actionable insights to improve your campaigns. Learn more good thing there are plenty more metrics in this list for tracking success.

Click-through rate

Click-through rate (ctr) ctr is another common metric that can help you determine how well your campaigns are performing. Ctr measures how many people click on the links in your email. For example. If you includ a link to reem an offer. The ctr would measure europe email list what percentage of subscribers click on your links. When crafting an email. There are a few ways to increase click-through rates. For instance. Include links throughout the email in appropriate places and add an eye-catching and conspicuous call-to-action button that subscribers can click on to reem your offer.

The average click-through rate for

Click-through rates are typically much lower than open rates. The average click-through rate for most campaigns is slightly over 2%. 3. Conversion rate your click-through rate measures how many people click your link. While your conversion rate will Gulf Phone Number assess how many people click on the link and then complet a specific action. For example. If you includ a link in your email for your subscribers to participate in a black friday sale.