What was, is and will be the Internet

A friend  sent us some insights from “ The Internet Trends Report 2019 ” compiled by  It integrates the complete results of a vast study on what was, what is but also what will be the Internet in the coming years.

In order to help you see more clearly in this mass of information, we have decided to retain only the key points which will allow you to understand the evolution of the web and therefore to anticipate the changes to come.


Key points: //The Internet Trends Report 2019:

  • Conquering new Internet users also appears to be a process that promises to be slow.


  • 53% of Internet users are now located in the Asia-Pacific region, with China being the largest market with approximately 0.8 billion users. With such a domestic market, Chinese web players ensure a flourishing business.

Global Internet Users = Asia Pacific Leads in Users + Potential

  • At the global level, 9 of the 30 largest Japan Phone Number List companies (in terms of market capitalization) are companies operating in the sphere of new technologies and 6 of them are American while the other 3 are Asian. A proof that in terms of technology, Europe is seriously behind.

Global Internet Market Capitalization Leaders = USA Stable  18 of 30… China Stable @ 7 of 30

  • E-commerce sales increased by 12.4% over the previous year, which is a little better than the 12.1% increase recorded in 2017. This proves that e-commerce continues to do more and more. followers around the world. Note that over the same period, sales in physical stores increased by only 2%.


  • Advertising on mobile terminals now accounts for 33% of advertisers’ purchases of advertising space, compared to just 0.5% in 2010. Spending on TV and radio ads has fallen.

Media Time vs. Advertising Spending = Mobile @ Equilibrium (2018)…Desktop (2015)

  • Google and Facebook still show the biggest revenues in terms of online advertising. However, if we are more interested in the growth of these revenues, it is the advertising networks of Amazon, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest that seem to have the wind in their sails.

Internet Ad Platforms = Google +Facebook Lead But Others Gaining Share

  • The cost of acquiring a customer online is becoming more and more important, as the competition is getting tougher.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) = Rising in Highly Competitive / Capitalized Sectors

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  • Several factors can encourage Internet users to test a new online streaming service.

Effective + Efficient Marketing = Can Be Free Trial / Tier

  • Spotify acquires around 60% of its paying users through the freemium business model . The company also assures that investing in the development of a better user experience produces by far the greatest impact in terms of growth.

As a reminder, the freemium model consists of offering free access to a service to users in the hope of transforming them into paying customers via additional premium offers.

Happy Customers… Spotify = Free User Conversion to Paid Subscribers…
  • For Zoom, a web-conferencing solution, the freemium model was ideal for making itself known and attracting users, the Gulf Phone Number quality of the product then did the rest. It must be said that it is easier to convert users into paying customers when they are satisfied and happy.

Happy Customers… Zoom = Free User Conversion to Paid Subscribers…

  • In e-commerce, recommendations , the possibility of testing for free, financial incentives, product quality, type of subscription or even the absence of a long-term commitment are at the top of the main reasons cited to justify registering for a new online service. In other words, these elements are to be integrated into its initial offer to attract the first customers.

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