Tool used by Zapier: Zoom, for videoconferences, but also Skype or Hangouts. Necessarily effective meetings The secret of Zapier meetings? Anticipation and prioritization. Zapier teams use Slack to share an upcoming meeting agenda for attendees to complete. A color system makes it possible to assign a degree of priority in the treatment of the different points (green, we are ok, orange, there are still things to see/adjust, red, a whole program). The objective is to discuss in order to quickly take concrete decisions. After the meetings, we immediately plan the next steps and the participants give feedback on the effectiveness and interest of the meeting.

The hope of winning this award

IMF20 Zapier Tool used by Zapier.Slack for document sharing and feedback. Here is a first glimpse of teleworking Malaysia Phone Number List according. to Zapier! A state of mind, tools, 3 colors and extreme attention paid. To recruThe 2020 edition of Inbound Marketing France was marked by a great novelty.The launch of the prize for the best inbound marketing strategy . Between November and January, 44 companies applied in the hope of winning this award. 7, only were selected to pitch their strategy on a special day in Paris. green, it was great, orange, yeah, could do better but that’s fine, red, I wasted my time.

The announcement of the winner of the favorite prize

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The verdict is in! Relive the award ceremony and discover the 5 companies rewarded for their innovative digital strategy. Favorite prize n°2 – CNIEL, dairy products The award ceremony begins with the announcement of the winner of Gulf Phone Number the favorite prize no. 2, CNIEL dairy products, whose strategy was led by Adrien Dinh. Through this award, the jury wanted to salute the comprehensive and powerful inbound marketing strategy put in place. What makes CNIEL’s strategy original is its ability to respond to a context, that of communicating dairy products to Millennials.