Companies wishing to embark on digital must above all show curiosity: “you have to be curious to learn, to test new approaches, but above all to accept to learn and to make mistakes” , assures Edith. A positive point however: the learning curve on digital being particularly fast, the teams can easily increase their skills . This is an aspect of digital that leaders should not neglect , because it makes it easier to train teams who, on the strength of the successes achieved, have the enthusiasm to go further and further. For Edith, this can even allow to go further: “within my own teams, I like to have young people, who have neither fears nor a priori on.

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What are the obstacles to a digital transformation of companies. As strange as it may seem, the obstacles that companies Germany Phone Number List can face when carrying out their digital transformation are of two opposite types: The apprehension of digital , which can translate into fear or disinterest (“it’s not for me”). The overflow of enthusiasm , which can lead to wanting to do everything at once, and ultimately have a deceptive effect. However, for Edith, the great strength of digital is “forcing us to be better, to work differently, to have an innovative approach that goes off the beaten track with customers and prospects.

To these developments in order to best comply

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The approach is thus more authentic, and closer to the interests of the prospect or client”. Indeed, digital is a way to better  understand the market, but also to adapt marketing and sales force strategies to these developments in order to best comply with them.  The Test and Learn culture , which we thought was reserved only for website creation, is Gulf Phone Number ultimately developing within the company itself: “accepting to be wrong and understanding where the error was to find a solution, understanding what went wrong and remedying it is very virtuous,” says Edith. And you, have you been able to carry out a digital transformation within your company.