They did it and it works!” will be enriched and everyone will leave with concrete actions to put the theory of an Inbound strategy into practice. “Digital is a fast-moving market, consumers are also changing their behavior. We already know that there will be changes, especially on social networks. It is therefore necessary to remain on constant watch to pick up signals of potential change. Michel Brébion, founder of Inbound Marketing France.Gone are the days when LinkedIn was just a networking platform for professionals. LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks , especially for B2B lead generation.

Their profiles without determining their goals

According to statistics from LinkedIn, 93% of marketers consider it the most effective platform for lead generation. In 2019, with over 303 million monthly active users, it has become essential to know how Czech Republic Phone Number List to stand out and stand out with a marketing strategy that makes sense . Let’s take a look at some examples that will allow you to stand out and gain visibility on LinkedIn: 1. Determine your target and your competition Most professionals and businesses create their profiles without determining their goals and target audience.

A different strategy  and simply duplicating

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Before you start on LinkedIn to generate B2B leads, take the time to understand the problems your prospects are facing and offer solutions that will help you convert them more.  What problems can you solve for them? Also do research Gulf Phone Number on your competitors to determine the frequency of publication, the content that is broadcast, the tone  adopted, etc. Then, put in place a content strategy with a different approach from your competitors, which will allow you to stand out. Every business needs a different strategy, and simply duplicating content from your competitors won’t help. 2. Structure your personal profile Your personal LinkedIn profile plays an essential role in creating new contacts and arousing the curiosity of your target.