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Go to the tiktok ads manager. Make sure you’re using a tiktok for business account if you’re not. It’s free and easy to switch. 1. Create a new campaign first. Go to the tiktok ads manager and hit the campaign button in the top menu. From the campaign page. Click create. Tiktok ads manager create campaign source. Tiktok ads manager note. When you first create a campaign. The ads manager will give you the option to enter simplifie mode or custom mode. Simplifie mode is a more basic program according to the ads manager. You can make an ad in less than 5 minutes and custom allows you to set more complex configurations. For this example. We’re using custom. But the instructions are similar for both options.

Admit It You Want to Know

Select a campaign objective to make it easier for you to reach your marketing goals. Tiktok has you choose an objective at the very beginning of your ad-making process so make sure you know what your objective is before you start. There are three kinds of objectives on tiktok’s ad manager. Awareness making sure people know about your brand or product. 

Consideration when business email list a potential buyer meaningfully engages with your brand or product and conversion actually buying the product. Advertising objective awareness consideration and conversion source. Tiktok ads manager here’s a closer look at each objective. Awareness reach. Show your ad to the maximum number of people. Consideration traffic.

Luckily for Anyone Interested

Drive traffic to a specific url or landing page this can also be an app install page. Video views. Maximize the number of views and engagement you get on videos. Lead generation. Get leads for your business. Community interaction. Maximize the number of followers and profile visits you get. Conversion app promotion. 

Get more people to buy Gulf Phone Number and install your app. Website conversions. Increase valuable actions like sales on your website. Choose whichever one best suits your campaign goals. Name your campaign next. Name your campaign and declare if it will fit into any special ad categories housing. Employment or creit this declaration is meant to prevent discriminatory targeting.

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