Cpv is cost per thousand views. A view counts when a user watches your video for more than 6 seconds or when a user interacts with your video in the first six seconds whichever happens first. Cpm is a good bidding method if your goal is to get more views the image above shows an example of cpm bidding. Cpm cpm is cost per thousand impressions. Choosing this method means that the platform will push your ad to get as many impressions as possible. So it’s best if reach is your marketing goal. Ocpm ocpm is optimize cost per thousand impressions. Your ads will be shown to people who are more likely to complete a conversion event. Become a lead or install an app.

Staying Engage and Relevant Online

It’s best if your goal is to gain followers. Get app installs. Or make sales. Cpc cpc is cost per click. It’s best for selling products. App installs. Conversion and profile visits. If you’re new to tiktok ads. There’s a suggested bid feature that helps you determine which price you should set. The higher your bid per action. 

The more likely you will be b2b leads to beat out your competitors. And the faster you will hit both the ad group and campaign-level daily budgets. Tiktok bidding strategies there are two main bidding strategies on tiktok. Lowest cost when you use the lowest cost bidding strategy. You don’t set a specific bid per action. You only set a total campaign budget. Tiktok will automatically maximize the number of conversions you get on your ad. 

It Up but Brand Monitoring Is Essential

Cost cap or bid cap this strategy involves setting a specific bid price for your optimization goal. This is what tiktok has to say about this method of bidding. This is great for controlling the cost per acquisition cpa. But there’s a caveat. 

Your cpa may fluctuate Gulf Phone Number on a day-to-day basis. As it’s also dependent on the performance of your competitors. In addition. Your budget may not be use up by the end of your campaign as competitors could be bidding at a higher price and outbidding you. Thereby limiting the available inventory you might be eligible to win. How to set up a tiktok ad campaign to create a tiktok ad campaign and set up your first ad.