This tool verifies your email addresses and mobile numbers

Captain Verify offers secure solutions to companies wishing to improve their deliverability. This online service allows, among other things, to efficiently check and clean the list of email addresses for your marketing campaign. By scanning the contacts stored in your databases, it eliminates invalid, unknown, risky addresses and hardbounces . Also, the tool checks the validity of the mobile numbers you need as part of your marketing strategy.

Introducing Captain Verify

Created in 2015, offers solutions for verifying email addresses and telephone numbers for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. It implements an assured verification process by securing the personal data of those who use it and those in the contact list. Its 100% French and ISO 27001 certified servers are therefore GDPR compliant. Moreover, by  UK Phone Number List encrypting the information transmitted during the intervention of this tool, you can be certain of the reinforcement of the security of this system.

Thanks to the statistics generated by this solution, you can effectively manage and boost your marketing campaigns . You will no longer lose conversations because the tool helps you delete invalid contacts and/or email addresses. Thus, when you have a clean list of valid contacts, all you have to do is use your marketing talent to attract new customers.

Check Email List for Successful Marketing Campaign

Phone Number List

Like phoning, e-mailing plays an important role in marketing strategies. It is even a pillar of your marketing efforts to better achieve your objectives, obtain qualified prospects and benefit from communication that is both impactful and coherent. But to achieve this, you first need a database of reliable contacts . To do this, Captain Verify offers you a massive email address verification system. It is enough to import from the interface of this tool the CSV file of your contact list, or via API, so that the system can check and provide, afterwards, a very clean file .

Thanks to this email address verification solution, you optimize the content of your data. CaptainVerify controls the Gulf Phone Number latter in order to clean up invalid, misspelled, incorrectly entered contacts… It also identifies repeating contacts, NPAI, spamtraps… At the end of these checks, the tool provides you with data in the form of statistics from which you can act to improve your contacts and, why not, better segment the list of your email addresses.

CaptainVerify is therefore a real solution to boost your ROI and make your marketing strategy impactful. The use of this online service undoubtedly facilitates and secures the deliverability of your e-mailing campaigns.

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