This bizarre campaign the advertisements we are confronted with on the internet. On television and practically everywhere seem like a real nuisance. But the truth is that sometimes (just sometimes). They can save our lives. This is suggested by at least one new. Delirious campaign from the Thai insurance company Roojai Online. According to the campaign, signed by the BBDO Bangkok agency. Advertising, which is in no way as abhorrent as it seems, can help us save money and also save our skin if necessary.

In one of the spots that make up the campaign

wo twin brothers have a heated family industry email list argument after their vehicle is hit by another car from behind. But the story of the two brothers goes much further and is seasoned with a curious “insight”: many advertisements deliberately use green tones with a wavelength between 505 and 550 nanometers to instill tranquility in the viewer’s nervous system. The spot is permeated precisely with that greenish hue, which cannot, however, appease the anger of one of the brothers.

Roojai Online services then come into play

The viewer is reminded that the company Gulf Phone Number saves its customers the expenses arising from traffic accidents and sudden illnesses. Another advertisement endorses the “insight. That many spots make use of deliberately strident. Sounds to catch the viewer’s attention (and ultimately also damage their ears). In the advertisement, whose gloomy aesthetic is clearly related to horror films. Woman suffers a traffic accident and is about to scream. A voice-over then reminds the protagonist to lower her voice and two kangaroos fresh from the grave.