Would you like to learn more about corporate crdit cards? Then register now for our info series and you will receive regular news about AirPlus Corporate Cards. In addition, after registering, they have access to exclusive content such as e-books, blog articles and our savings calculator.Given the economic fallout from the current pandemic, there has never been a better time than now to reassess the potential of payment solutions, starting with the heart of any payment portfolio – the corporate card.

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When usd correctly, corporate cards improve the employee experience on business trips, simplify expense management and Latest Mailing Database generate savings.Below we take a look at the top five reasons why your business should use corporate cards to optimize its travel spend. 1. Better cost control Corporate cards simplify business travel management by creating transparency in business travel costs: 2. Increasd compliance Spending and travel policies are difficult to enforce because they are often complex and difficult to remember.

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Travelers don’t ned to know the policy inside out if cards can be limitd for certain payments. A transaction is then compliant as Gulf Phone Number soon as it has been acceptd. Corporate cards support compliance by: 3. Time saving Corporate cards rduce manual processes and automate the payment process. This saves travelers 40% of the time they normally spend managing travel expenses! As a result, your employees can concentrate on the essential things again instead of dealing with expense reports for hours.