The MEDDIC method in detail

A company recognized for its strong commercial efficiency in the sale of high-end software.  Has subsequently become the bible of many sales teams and is widely used for B2B sales. Again, each letter corresponds to a sequence of variables: M for METRICS. What is the economic impact of the solution? For this first criterion, it is a question of identifying the financial benefit acquired by the prospect thanks to the purchase of your solution (what savings he will be able to make thanks to you).

E for Economic Buyer :

Who owns the budget? This is the “Authority” variable of the BRANT method: who makes the purchase decision? Having this information will South Korea Phone Number List allow you to better target your messages. Knowing them will again allow you to better adapt your arguments. D for decision process : What is the process used to select and purchase an offer? Another important criterion for your arguments. I for Identified Pain : What is your prospect’s problem right now and how can you solve it?

Making your product appear as

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How over,, THE miracle solution expected by your prospect can be decisive in triggering the act of purchase. C for champion : Who has the power and influence in driving the opportunity for change? This is about identifying the person who will be your best ambassador within the company. sale.jpg Using these two methods allows you to better  know your prospects, better target them and therefore control your customer acquisition cost. To Gulf Phone Number benefit from other advice on controlling this indicator, find our dedicated article . If you would like more information on lead generation, acquisition and sales development, and are considering implementing automated solutions within your company, do not hesitate to call on our team of experts. And request a demo of our marketing tools . I discover Maarketer! Subscribe to our newsletter?

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