Tiktok ads manager set how long you want your ad to run for. And whether you want the ad to run at all times of the day or at set times of the day for example. You can choose to run your ads on weekends only. Set your bidding and optimization the last step in the process of creating a new ad group on tiktok is bidding and optimization. Which allows you to decide how much you’ll pay per metric. Bidding and optimization with optimization goal and bid control source. Tiktok ads manager in this case. Because we chose video views as an objective. The metric is cpv. Cost per focuse view.

Conversation Around Your Brand

Focus view means that the user either watches the video for six seconds or engages with the video in the first six seconds. To use the lowest cost bidding strategy. Leave the bid control section blank. You can also eit the advance settings to alter whether your ad will be delivered in a standard or accelerate fashion.

Accelerate means that the business database platform will try and achieve your targets as quickly as possible. Submit your ad finally. It’s time to upload your creatives. Upload your content this is where you upload your content. Write a caption. And choose your identity either a display name or your own brand’s tiktok account. Making the ad a spark ad.

These Tips and Tools You’ll Know

Ad name identity and ad details Source. TikTok Ads Manager Set your destination page Set your destination page to your brand’s website or a landing page for whatever product or service you are promoting or use Instant pages to link to an in-app page. You can also add a legal disclaimer. if appropriate. destination page URL and call to action Source. TikTok Ads Manager Determine your tracking. 

This step is optional Gulf Phone Number if you want. you can track events on your website. app or third-party sites. TikTok events tracking and third party tracking settings Submit your Ad All done. Hit Submit to send your ad to TikTok for review. According to the platform. most submitte ads are reviewe in about 24 hours.