Strategy In Large Cities We Now Have Stops

More than 25% of them even expect a significant increase. At the same time, this new trend presents companies with challenges that have been exacerbatd by the pandemic. Everyday challenges for “Procurement” The biggest challenge: For most online platforms, retailers and suppliers, the crdit card is the only or the preferrd means of payment. However, many companies are not equippd for this because they do not have a suitable central means of payment for this type of procurement.

Distance We Are Pursuing A Multi Stop

In another survey conductd by AirPlus , 60% of companies statd that they use at least three payment methods in parallel , which database requires extensive spending controls and allows little transparency. The most commonly usd payment methods include bank transfer and direct debit, at least as far as these are supportd. And this is the crux of the matter: Since many online platforms do not offer these two types of billing, they are forcd to use other means of payment.


Reason Is That Our Stops Are Within Walking

Some companies are adapting to the situation and requiring their employees to use either a personal crdit card, a prepaid card or a Gulf Phone Number department card and to be reimbursd through the expense report. The problem here: The variety of channels and means of payment usd by a wide variety of employees to make these types of purchases makes tracking spend extremely burdensome for companies . In addition, the range of payment methods that are usd in parallel as requird makes effective control more difficult.

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