Settings campaign name and special ad categories source. Tiktok ads manager you can also choose whether you want tiktok to optimize your campaign budget this applies one set of budget optimizations to all the ad groups in this campaign instead of setting them up individually. Last on this page is the campaign budget. This allows you to set a fixe budget for the entire campaign so. All of the ad groups. And all of the ads that fit into those ad groups. You can also set budgets for ad groups and ads individually. 2. Create an ad group okay. The campaign the highest level of organization for tiktok ads is done. Now. On to the ad group settings. Name your ad group and eit interaction settings first. Name your ad group. If you click advance settings under placement.

Observe Analyze and Optimize

You can also choose whether users will be able to comment on. Download and share your video ads psst. If you nee help managing comments. Hootsuite’s got you. Ad group name and placements source. Tiktok ads manager determine targeting for the ad group next. Select your target audience for this ad. You can choose demographics like location. Gender. Age group and language. 

As well as most advance business lead targets like audience. Interests and behaviors and device use. Targeting with demographics audience interests and device source. Tiktok ads manager decide on content exclusions next is content exclusions. Your exclusions will automatically be set to standard.

Brand Monitoring It’s Never Been Easier

But you can click eit to learn more about the different types of content exclusions. Generally. This option determines whether tiktok will show your content alongside content containing mature themes though not so mature that it violates the community guidelines. Of course. Eit inventory tier full standard and limited inventory source. 

Tiktok ads manager Gulf Phone Number set your ad group budget and scheule the next parameters to set are budget and scheule. Your daily budget is the maximum amount of money that you can spend in a day on this particular ad group. The minimum daily budget is $20 usd or $30 if you’re in canada like me. Eh. Budget & scheule information source.