The company must also take into account the relevant legislation. The GDPR includes practically  us to identify an individual survey respondent as personal data. In one survey. it is worth using different types of questions. such as statements and open questions. if possible. If. for example. all questions were open. answering and. on the other hand. also analyzing the results could be tious. On the other hand. if there are no open questions. the respondents may not say something important.

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In online surveys. it email list is important to be as clear as possible.  the opportunity to ask for additional information. In one question. you should ask only one thing. otherwise the quality of the answers will also decrease. It is also good to pay attention to the fact that the question is clear enough and cannot be understood in several different ways.

Because the respondent does not have

Enable Google My Gulf Phone Number Business 8 April 2020 Kaisa Huttunen Are you already familiar with Google My Business? This article discusses the Google My Business service and gives instructions for its implementation. What is Google My Business? Google My Business enables you to add your company’s information directly to a Google search. It can be us to add. for example. company address information.