Carousel ads carousel ads are available only in tiktok’s news fee app series. Buzzvideo. Advertisers can post up to 10 images each with its own caption in one ad. Pangle ads these are ads place through the tiktok audience network. Tiktok ads formats available to manage brands manage brands are those that work with a tiktok sales representative. Nee a tiktok sales rep. Contact them to see if your business is a fit. They have access to additional ad formats. Including. Topview ads video ads that appear as a full-screen takeover for 5 to 60 seconds when users open the tiktok app. Brande hashtag challenge a three- to six-day ad campaign format to encourage engagement. 

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In which user-generate content appears on the hashtag challenge page. Video player source. Tiktok for business brande effects brande stickers. Filters. And special effects to get tiktokers interacting with your brand. Video player source. Tiktok for business tiktok ad specs set yourself up for social media success by ensuring that your tiktok ad is the right size. 

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Here are the optimal specs b2b email list for a tiktok video ad. Aspect ratio. Seconds tiktok recommends 9 to 15 seconds for best results video file size. 500mb maximum how much do tiktok ads cost. The short answer. As much as you want them to. Tiktok uses an auction and bidding model when it comes to ads. That means you decide how much you pay per video view. Click. Or impression. Keep in mind that. 

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While you can spend as much as you want per optimization goal. There is a minimum spend on both campaigns and ad groups. The minimum campaign-level budget is $50 usd per day. Meaning that for every day that your campaign is running. You will spend at least $50. The minimum ad group-level budget is $20 usd per day. Meaning that for every day that your ad group is running. 

You will spend at Gulf Phone Number least $20. Tiktok says your bid. Among other factors. Represents how competitive you want to be in the auction to get your desire outcome. Bidding and optimization with optimization goal and bid control source. Tiktok ads manager tiktok bidding methods tiktok has four bidding methods available.