There are many companies that prioritize attracting new. Check Out customers, sometimes neglecting an essential part of their success: loyalty. Learn how to increase your customers’ loyalty with after-sales service. Your current clients are your most valuable conquest. They are responsible for your recurring sales and who can give you the feedback you need to provide a better shopping experience. Therefore, understanding the role of after-sales service is crucial to achieving better results with your Marketing plan . We will talk about this in this article. Here you will learn everything about after-sales service: what it is, why it is important, what its main strategies are and how you can measure its effectiveness to achieve more sales.

Check Out What is After Sales Service

After-sales service refers to all the follow-up and attention email leads actions that you provide to your customers after completing the purchasing process. These actions go beyond responding to them when they contact you. Its purpose is to strengthen the relationship between them. And your brand by adding value to their shopping experience. A concept that can help you better understand what after-sales service is all about is the Flywheel . Let’s explain it carefully. The Flywheel is a technique developed by the Hubspot team to replace the classic sales funnel in Inbound Marketing . By abandoning the idea that the sales process has a beginning and an end, the Flywheel presents a circular shape where each stage feeds off the previous one and strengthens the next .

Why is After Sales Service Important

According to Flywheel, increasing the sales of Gulf Phone Number your business is not only about. Attracting new users, you must also increase the engagement of your current customers. Selling new products is more economical with current customers than with new users. Think about it this way. Building relationships from scratch involves creating engaging content , designing nurturing flows , and implementing new conversion strategies to bring a new user to a stage where your current customer is already. Enabling an exclusive service channel means showing your customers that, even after the purchase, you will be available to serve them.