In the field of sport, the interest of using a coach is without debate. This one develops you a training program taking into account your starting point and your objectives, motivates you and accompanies you every day in your efforts, by analyzing your progress. He encourages you and constantly pushes you to surpass yourself.


Well, this logic can be adapted to all areas of your life: work, personal development, entrepreneurial goals… having a partner is always a source of greater motivation, resources and performance. Without necessarily calling on a professional, you can also form a pair with a friend, a colleague, someone who works in the same field as you have similar objectives: a person who shares your vision and who also wishes to be part of a constant and constructive iterative approach.


But then how to work and what routines to put in place together to make the most of this collaboration? We have structured for you 4 habits to integrate into your weeks to work well together and go even further in your goals!


1. Write a “to do list” for the next day

One of the activities that you can set up with your partner is to dedicate 20 minutes at the end of the day to planning the tasks for the next day. This allows you to know where you are in relation to your goal and to milestone the important tasks to Cameroon Phone Number List achieve it day by day. When you get up the next morning, you have clear ideas, know exactly what you have to do and can organize your day accordingly. This method allows you to be much more productive, less stressed and more confident in your success.

2. Talk about daunting tasks together
The most important aspect in a “coaching” for two is certainly motivation. This allows you to hold on, to stay focused on your goal, to be encouraged every day and to have strong support in times of doubt and discouragement. Whenever you have a task in front of you on which you are stuck, on which you have trouble getting started, ask your partner for a slot to help you with it. Together, you will have more energy but also more method, ideas on how to proceed, you will be able to discuss and make decisions together. Things will then seem much easier to you.

3. Share successes and challenges

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Each week, organize a brainstorming session with your partner. It’s what Best-Selling “Think and Grow Rich†author Napoleon Hill calls “Mastermind Groups”. He defines this concept by the fact of surrounding oneself with intelligent and brilliant men, because for him, the success of great men is above all due to the people who surrounded them. A Mastermind group would therefore make it possible to establish a favorable context in which you exchange, receive ideas, support but ultimately remain the only master on board to make your decisions.


Here is how you can organize these “Mastermind” sessions:

– Dedicate 20 minutes to celebrating your accomplishments. It’s time to take stock, learn from your mistakes and savor the fruits of the work done.

– Dedicate 40 minutes to discussing your main current challenges to begin the rest of your plan and plan the next steps.


You can also organize “Mastermind” meetings dedicated solely to coaching with a slightly different structure: instead of updating performance, apply Gulf Phone Number a more open method to take on challenges, get advice and brainstorm together. To go further, here are some tips for organizing effective Mastermind meetings.

4. Review each milestone together

When you work alone, you tend to follow your ideas and launch into your tasks headlong with enthusiasm and energy. But sometimes, we lack the perspective necessary to properly gauge our work. Having a partner allows you to submit your ideas and gain height before carrying out a major task or a major step, to better define its outlines, intentions and objectives. The exchanges greatly facilitate the work and improve the result.