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However, you should personalize the response to show that you highly value the customer’s time and money. It is also important to learn how to respond to negative comments. Do it efficiently and find ways to solve problems professionally. This alone puts you above other brands that don’t engage in it – only 36.7% of people get a response from the company to their reviews. Taking the time to resolve the issues of those who didn’t like their experience with your brand is the first step in convincing customers to give it a second chance.

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Product photos and their value in marketing February 16, 2021 Product photos are an important value in marketing. And although no one should be convince of this, there are still many companies that put this topic at the end of the priority list. Some ignore it altogether. Saving on product photos is a simple way to a marketing disaster. Not everyone phone number list is aware of how much they influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. What is the value of product photos in marketing? You can read more about it in the article below. Product photos – definition Product photos in e-commerce Types of product photography Product photos that build the brand image Product photos and influencer marketing Why are product photos so important.

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Product photos – quotes Product photos – definition Product photos are designe to communicate the brand image, intrigue the customer and be remembere by them. In many industries, the image is crucial and is base first on the aesthetics of the Gulf Phone Number product, and only then on its functionality. When planning to take a product photo, you should first of all analyze the nees of our brand. Today’s product photos do not sell the product itself, but the mood, atmosphere and a specific “lifestyle”. Pressing the shutter of the camera is precee by a thorough analysis of the target group and what emotions we want to arouse in the recipients. In modern marketing strategies, professional product photos showing every detail are intertwine with amateur photos showing the product as an element of a specific lifestyle.

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