Marketing measurement is an integral part of digital marketing this is surely clear to everyone. However measurement does not only mean website and marketing metrics such as ad impressions clicks and the number of online visitors but numbers that are genuinely important for business. These include for example leads customers or stores that came from leads online store development and customer acquisition costs. Measurability and clear reporting of results improves the focus of your entire companys operations and makes decision-making significantly easier. Your companys online environment must be ready to collect this information this means a functioning online service and an analytics environment that collects information

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Be creat after the fact of course. If some information was not collect a year ago it cannot be us for comparison for example. So we have to start by building the foundations and move consistently towards a situation business email list where we can trust what we see. For this reason the process should be seen as a kind of waterfall where different stages follow each other before the next one can be start. The process is agile – things are chang the effects are measur and bas on the feback (data) it is develop i.e. optimiz. After this the process continues. The process of measuring measurement process We use the MRACE® framework for the

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Marketing. The framework of measurement surrounds the other phases as its own entity because we see it as more relevant issues in terms of the success of digital marketing. In the process the quality of the so-call foundation works is emphasiz. This Gulf Phone Number refers to the model review in the previous section. The totality of the measurement must be carefully design bas on business objectives the collect data must be complete and reliable and it must be easily accessible to the necessary stakeholders in order to make data truly a part of every day and guide decision-making. When the foundation is in order agile processes get up to spe using