Measuring your marketing ROI: the 6 key indicators

To increase the sales of your company, no secret, this necessarily involves marketing investments and in particular the deployment of strategic, thoughtful and targeted marketing campaigns. But for the return on investment (ROI) to be as optimized as possible, it is essential to know how to measure the success of each campaign using very specific indicators. It is by carrying out this rigorous study that you will be able to know what works and what does not work, readjust your choices and invest your money in the most conscious way possible.


This question of ROI is the most shared challenge among marketing professionals. According to the latest study conducted by HubSpot on the shared priorities of marketers, 42% of them believe that proving their return on investment from their activity is a priority .


And indeed, the challenge is considerable, because it is not always easy to demonstrate the link between a marketing action and its influence on sales. TrackMaven had carried out a survey to list the most difficult links to establish and which posed problems for many marketing professionals:

So how do you prove the effectiveness of your marketing actions? We have identified 5 key indicators that should make your job easier!

1. Website traffic

The increase in traffic on your merchant website is far from being a coincidence, it is always linked to a promotion of your company, your offer or your products. If you run an awareness campaign over a period of time and your site traffic increases, then you already have first proof that it works. Analyzing your statistics in more depth via Google Analytics in particular will also help you greatly. In particular, you will be able to know where visitors Belarus Phone Number List and potential prospects come from, when they arrived on your site and on which page. You can then link this to specific actions: sending a mailing, publishing a post on Facebook, sponsored campaign on Instagram, etc. To learn more about how to use Google Analytics, visitour dedicated article !

2. The conversion rate

Increasing your website traffic is a good thing, but if it doesn’t convert into purchases, then you’ve been working for nothing. It is therefore not the quantity of leads that counts but their quality: you must attract people who are really interested in your product and ripe for the purchase after having been exposed to relevant messages. Once on the site, these “qualified” leads must go until the validation of the basket, this is what is called the conversion rate.


To better understand this conversion rate and especially to improve it thanks to concrete actions, you will have to precisely follow the customer journey to understand where Internet users abandon their basket the most, for example. Google Analytics again allows you to carry out rigorous and detailed monitoring.

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Each new prospect has a cost and this is an essential indicator in the context of reporting following a marketing campaign. To calculate it, you just need to divide the total cost of the campaign by the number of leads generated. You then have a Gulf Phone Number key figure that speaks to all your interlocutors. If this is higher than the cost of your product, then your campaign is not productive and you are losing money: it is time to change your strategy! For that, take a look at our article detailing 13 ways to generate leads through inbound marketing .

4. Customer Acquisition Cost

Because a customer is better than a prospect, the cost of customer acquisition is the indicator most used by marketing professionals. This time, you need to divide the total cost of your marketing investments by the number of new customers acquired over a given period.


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