The measurement implement according to the MRACE® model ensures that your customers entire digital purchase path from reaching out to the commitment phase is taken into account. This makes it possible to analyze the purchasing process comprehensively which allows us to locate potential bottlenecks and develop them further. In addition to the things to be develop you also ne to gain an understanding of what works in this way things that work well can be continu and perhaps ideas from these can be refin for other

What should be measur

 In the different channels of digital marketing Why should digital marketing measurement be seen as a process In its simplest form the role of analytics is to help you achieve business benefit. Simply installing the basic b2b leads analytics code is not enough for this. In order to reach the desir result a series of consecutive steps must be taken that is a certain process must be carri out. The steps in the process are gathering information and combining different information sources data segmentation integration visualization and data

Interpretation and planning measures

Bas on this. In order to enable the last step i.e. the interpretation of the data and the correct conclusions all the previous steps must perform their tasks with perfection. A mistake at any stage can Gulf Phone Number backfire many times over in the form of costs caus by wrong conclusions or loss of sales. For example if the tracking of leads or purchases is incorrect in the CONVERT phase a wrong conclusion can be made about the functionality or non-functionality of the marketing channels and thus the advertising budget can be allocat to the wrong