What Are the Main Strategies of After Sales Service

Now that you know what it is about and why you should implement after-sales service. What Are we detail 5 techniques to do it. Opening an exclusive channel with a unique communication strategy for after-sales service is crucial. For example, create an email , a phone line or a special page within your website. Make these channels known and make clear the response times that your clients must expect to receive a solution to their requirements. Make sure you keep the conversation alive with your customer through Email Marketing and a CRM . Personalize messages and be frequent. Nothing better to nurture a relationship than consistency.

What Are Offers Security After the Purchase

To increase your customer’s confidence top people data and peace of mind, an excellent technique is to establish clear policies for exchanges, returns and guarantees in case the product does not work or does not meet their expectations. Sometimes it is better to agree with the customer than to deal with negative reviews. Now let’s review some metrics you should track to identify the success of your strategy. Naturally, you will not be able to find this value for each client, so the idea is to analyze them in general and find an average of profits generated and the length of stay. A high LTV value will reflect a high level of loyalty.

Customer Profitability Score

This metric allows you to know the profitability Gulf Phone Number that a client generates for you in a given time. Contrast the profits generated by that client with the expenses you assume to retain them. With this you can identify which clients are most profitable for your business and which ones to dedicate less effort to. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) reflects your customers’ level of satisfaction with your service. It involves asking your customers directly, on a scale of 1 to 10, if they would recommend your product to someone they know. With this information you can make different adjustments, such as optimizing the design of your page, improving the user experience or verifying the operation of the payment gateway.

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