Photographs are some of the most attractive content on the Internet. But at the same time, for those of us who are not directly related to graphic design, it can be more difficult to know exactly what type of PNG, JPEG or GIF image file we should handle in each case or situation. Because if we use the wrong format, perhaps we could end up damaging the quality of that photograph (losing a large part of its attractions). In addition, the poor choice of these types of image files also tends to make these contents heavier.

Quality and loading

The issue is not too conflictive email contact list when we talk about a photograph stored in our computer’s memory (where it is easier to keep it as it is and only update the storage space if necessary), but when dealing with online images, there are many more factors and complications that come into play. In this post you will find Quality and loading times of your website! What are the types of image files (PNG – JPEG – GIF) that I should use? Types of Image Files to use Quality and loading times of your website.

types of image files

Large files not only take up a lot of Gulf Phone Number space on our hosting, but they also consume more bandwidth… thereby increasing the loading times of our blog or website . And if images are one of our most important content, as they usually are in almost all cases, our website will not load fast enough for our visitors ( potential clients ) to feel comfortable on it. » See How to choose a Hosting without being an expert? What are the types of image files ( PNG – JPEG – GIF) that I should use ? Chances are good that on your blog or website you have some photos.