Marketing solutions for the most diverse sizes and business models . Among its various solutions. Such as CMS and sales pipeline management , HubSpot also has a very interesting tool for sending free email marketing. Starting with the ease of configuring campaigns. HubSpot takes special care in helping you with all the assembly of your email marketing database. Providing easy instructions according to your level of knowledge. Even if you have zero experience with sending email marketing, with HubSpot, which is one of the best CRMs on the market, you will find an intuitive screen, with many explanatory tours that will help you teach yourself how to get started. Here are some of the many benefits of using HubSpot for free email marketing: Email sending limits: up to free emails/month. Subscriber list: no limit for subscriber list. Sending methods: choose whether you want to send the email immediately.

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Email Marketing Sending Options: Send bulk emails manually or on a scheduled basis. Email Builder: Create and customize your email marketing from pre-made templates with drag and drop editor. You can also customize your email British Student Phone Number List with HTML code. Email Reports: Access reports on email opens, clicks, and other tracked actions . Email Integrity Reports: Manage your email reputation and find out what to do to improve it. Hard bounced list: manage subscribers who should no longer receive emails for various reasons. The 2,000/month send limit isn’t one of the most generous out there, but HubSpot’s powerful email marketing + CRM integration makes it a lot more interesting. Also, HubSpot’s email marketing is one of the few without a daily send limit, which can be very useful when you need to send emails to a list of up to subscribers.

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Being an intuitive platform

Brevo simplifies the process of creating and sending emails, regardless of your level of knowledge. Here’s what you can do using Brevo as a free email marketing tool: Email sending limits emails per day and up to month. Subscriber list: no limit for subscriber list. Subscriber Import: Import your subscriber list using .csv or .txt files, use copy/paste option, or connect your account to services like Google, Outlook, Mailchimp and others. Delivery methods: flexibility to send mass Gt lists emails manually or schedule campaigns to be sent automatically at specific times. Email Builder: You can create your template with the drag and drop editor or customize from ready-to-use templates and you can even use the HTML editor. Email Reports: Get reports on the delivery rate, opens and clicks of your sent emails.