Facebook remains the leading social network in 129 countries with 2.234 billion monthly active users, representing a colossal potential audience for advertisers, coupled with unparalleled targeting strength. While the reliability of its use may have been questioned in 2018 following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook remains a massive lead generation weapon highly prized by companies. And, while marketing professionals are constantly looking for new ways to generate qualified leads, Facebook offers an extremely effective tool for this specific purpose: Facebook Lead Ads .


First of all, let’s go back to the definition of a lead. According to e-marketing.fr , “  a lead is a prospect about whom the affiliator has enough information to contact him again and convert him into a customer.  The objective of Facebook Lead Ads is therefore above all to collect the personal contact information of potential prospects.



So what’s really revolutionary about this new format?

Well, it’s an exchange of good practices Bahamas Phone Number List between a company and a prospect with no obligation to buy.A winning strategy when more than 80% of social network users use it on the move!


This is what it looks like:




But how to properly use this magic tool?

Facebook Ads are generally used as part of 3 key marketing actions:

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Encourage your target to provide personal information in exchange for specific content (ebook, webinar, white paper, etc.), a demonstration or a direct exchange with a professional;
Encourage users to visit its site on the occasion of a special offer (product launch, sales, chestnut tree, etc.);

Some examples :

Facebook Business regularly posts success Gulf Phone Number stories of Facebook Lead Ads campaigns that have worked well for their advertisers.


The campaign resulted in a 68% increase in leads and a 30% drop in the cost of acquiring a lead.

Another example: The Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins ran several form advertisements to encourage their fans to sign up for a tour of their brand new stadium, resulting in the acquisition of 4,600 quality prospects, a record compared to other campaigns broadcast so far. At stake ? 20 times the expected return on advertising investment and 4,600 quality leads generated.