How to rank your site on Google: 10 SEO tips to follow

The SEO race is complex, to have a chance of obtaining good positions, it is essential to know the main criteria taken into account by Google. If you want your site to climb in Google rankings, you will need to put in place an effective SEO strategy.

Here are 10 important criteria that will allow you to improve the visibility of your website.


 1. Promote the site by building links (netlinking)

All recent studies prove it, links to your site remain the No. 1 criterion for improving the positioning of your site. When a user links to your site, the search engine values ​​it, but beware, not all links have the same value! 

Backlinks (links) that come from sites with good authority have, of course, a greater impact on your positioning. Reason why you should rather prefer to have few links but of good quality rather than many of low quality.

Links positioned in the content are also much more effective than links in the sidebar or in the footer. And above all, be sure to position these links on sites in your theme!

To improve your , it is useful to use solutions like to analyze the competition and the relevance of your backlinks. It is a complete and intuitive SEO tool coupled with a dedicatedto support you.

2. Avoid duplicate content at all costs

Duplicate content is a plague watched very Indonesia Phone Number List closely by our friend Google. So you have to watch out for duplicate content first internally but also externally.

Never publish content from another site without authorization on yours, but more importantly never copy paragraphs, texts from another site to publish them on yours, the same goes for images and videos. Google does not like these practices at all and this can have a negative impact on the positioning of the sites concerned.

3. Quality first!

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Give your website quality content, which  can bring real added value to passing Internet users. If you do it right, your articles will be authoritative in your field and thus you will more easily gain the trust of your visitors.

If you don’t have enough time to devote to this task, you can always hire someone to do it for you. There are many ways to find a web editor:

  • Simply ask the question on a Facebook group specializing in SEO or web writing (there are several).
  • Use a TextBroker type writing platform
  • Hire a freelancer on a platform like 5euros

Finding a good copywriter takes time, but it can save you a lot more later!

And do not forget ! Quality content will convince the Internet user to stay longer and discover the rest of your site!

Content is therefore a key element of reader loyalty.

It is also a very important factor in an Gulf Phone Number SEO strategy. Google not only consults the raw keywords present on your pages, it also analyzes the semantics of the site. He focuses on studying the content and he tries to understand what the site offers to readers. All this in order to send Internet users, who use them, to pages that best correspond to their requests.

Content is the basic element of SEO. There are many great-looking websites with a great design – but which are sinking in Google rankings because of their lack of content, especially quality content.

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