How to plan a marketing campaign

Most companies seeking to publicize their offers and products resort to setting up a marketing plan ( see our dedicated article ) which is broken down into marketing campaigns. But what is really behind this concept? According to Google, “ a marketing campaign is a coherent set of marketing actions undertaken over the same period and aimed at promoting the same product or service. The same marketing campaign can include, for example, an advertising component, a direct marketing component and a promotional device. »


Indeed, a marketing campaign consists of declining the same message on several media, allowing a series of contacts with the market. Indeed, communicating on a single tool rarely results in conclusive results and the strategies generally vary between 3 and 20 points of impact, the average being around 7. Beyond the tools, a campaign can also extend over time and take multiple forms, depending on the dedicated budget and the creativity of the teams! The goal? Retain existing customers and win new ones, while further positioning the brand over time around its history, values ​​and promises.


But then, how to structure and organize your marketing campaign to be the most effective? How to plan it over time to obtain the best results and reach the widest possible audience?

When to plan a marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign must serve a very specific objective related to the news and the development of your business.

What are the main stages of a marketing campaign?

An effective marketing campaign Belize Phone Number List plan is based on a concept that makes an impression, encourages engagement and sharing, disseminated and declined via digital and traditional communication tools. Overall, a good marketing campaign plan should include the following steps:

The definition of clear, realistic and measurable objectives
Strong differentiation from the competition
Detailed actions translating the strategy into concrete form
The definition of KPIs in order to measure the results

How to structure the content of a marketing campaign plan?

Definition of objectives and KPIs
First and foremost, your campaign is designed to meet a specific objective. It must therefore be results-oriented above all, and these results must be measurable and measured. So the question to ask yourself is, what am I trying to achieve with this campaign and how will I know I’ve achieved it?


Target definition

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Definition of key messages
This step stems from the second: depending on the target audience, you will be able to position your offer and define the best way to engage and convert it.

Marketing campaign planning.jpg

4. Choice of tools (media plan) and definition of the budget

You will have to think about the most Gulf Phone Number relevant tools to disseminate them to your target. Audience and the associated budget: which communication channels will you use, how and how often depending on your budget and of your goals. The goal: to get the best return on investment (ROI).


5. Content creation

It is then time to create the contents of your campaign and their variations: visuals, slogans, formats… before distributing them. Your campaign must create an original, innovative and striking brand experience: this work is therefore strategic and essential. For inspiration, take a look at the 5 most striking campaigns of 2018 !


6. Campaign Execution

It’s time to broadcast your message according to the chosen procedure, with real-time monitoring of KPIs, to give you the opportunity to adjust along the way.

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