How to Improve SEO by Identifying and Eliminating

Have you ever clicked on an article and felt like the same words kept popping up over and over again? You may have stumbled upon a phenomenon called keyword stuffing. In the early days of modern search engines, Google favored text containing dozens of keywords.

However, this opens the door to a variety of fraudulent practices, including creating boring, repetitive headlines or hidden pages full of catchy phrases.

Today, Google search engine algorithms have become much more complex. Popular keywords and phrases are still an essential SEO factor, but you should be careful not to overdo them when creating content.

Keywords What is cannibalization

Simply put, keyword cannibalization refers to using the same or similar keywords on multiple pages of your website. This usually happens when you target the same keywords on different pages or posts without realizing that the keywords used may be completely unrelated to the content.

This causes imbalance and confusion in search engine algorithms, which are unable Whatsapp Number List to determine which page is more relevant – the page that focuses on the issue or the page with the most keywords.

In the end, both pages will likely rank lower than they would have if keyword cannibalization had not occurred. This also applies if you have more than one page targeting the same long-tail keywords. Although these phrases may be different, they share some of the words used and can result in similar results.

Keywords Cannibalization Identification

In most cases, spotting keyword cannibalization isn’t that difficult. If you’re writing for the same audience and targeting similar topics Gulf Phone Number across multiple pages of your website, there’s likely to be some overlap in keywords. But if you want to be sure, the following may help

For example, if you are comparing FXS gateways and FXO gateways, you can vary the keywords you use, such as telecommunications equipment.

Otherwise, your website could fall victim to keyword cannibalization, where your most relevant, up-to-date content gets buried beneath poorly optimized pages.

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