Netlinking, also called “link building” or “external linking”, is a fundamental SEO technique to improve the natural referencing of your website and position it in the top 3 search results on search engines.

According to experts at the Local Search Summit hosted by Whitespark on September 28, 29 and 30, 2021, the two most important factors for a website’s local organic ranking are on-page content optimization (34%) and link profile (31%).

What is netlinking in natural referencing and what is it for?

Netlinking is an SEO technique that aims to create qualified external links pointing to your website to improve its visibility and SEO. These incoming links, also called “backlinks”, are relevant for Google to establish the reliability and relevance  France Phone Number List of the content of a web page or website. Netlinking can be considered as a “vote of confidence” from one website to another. It works on the same principle as in “real life”: if your friends and family tell you about a great dentist, it will increase your trust in them. The principle is the same for Google: if sites external to yours talk about you through a backlink, this will increase Google’s confidence in your site.

For example, a mention of your website in a directory that provides a link to a page on your website is a backlink.

This technique is useful for SEO because it improves the natural referencing of a website. Links play an important role in Google’s algorithm because their integration is a risk for hosting sites. Indeed, Internet users are led to leave the site by following an external link so it must be worth it!

Link building can also improve the user experience if (and only if) the links point to relevant external resources. For example, if your web page deals with immigration topics, it is relevant to refer to external resources providing more useful information on the subject (government site, immigration consultant site, etc.).

However, as you will have understood, it is not simply a question of adding or obtaining a link.

What is a good link?

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For example, if a page talks about culinary recipes and a link points to kitchen equipment, this one makes perfect sense.

In addition, the context in which Gulf Phone Number the link is embedded must be considered. You should know that in addition to the thematic relevance, the position of the link in the web page concerned is strategic. A link located at the top of the page will probably bring more traffic than a link at the bottom of the page.