In the small world of the web, all project leaders dream of seeing their site in the first place of results on Google, and this preferably quickly.

Also, when clients seek SEO specialists, their main concern is often to know the time required for a good referencing of their site on the famous search engine.

To this question, the answer often given is “it depends! ” but as we believe that this one is not suitable for everyone, we wanted to go a little further. Here are some elements that will allow you to realize that a good SEO is not obtained in a snap.


1 — The average age of the pages best referenced by Google


It is not uncommon to hear little braggarts announce that they have managed to have their website listed on Google in a few days and well, you have to know that this is not true.

To get a good SEO, you have to know how to be patient and therefore give time to time. A study carried out by Ahrefs — a particularly powerful tool for analyzing backlinks — proves this assertion.

Focusing on the average age of the Hong Kong Phone Number List pages best ranked by Google, this study showed that there was a correlation between the age of a page on the web and its SEO.

Based on 2 million randomly chosen keywords, the study shows that it takes on average at least 650 days of seniority, i.e. nearly 2 years, to integrate the Top 10 of the best referenced sites on a given request. .

To enter the Top 3, this average increases further to settle at 800 days, while the first place in the Google results is held by a page with nearly 950 days of existence, that is to say nearly 3 years of existence.

For those who fear seeing their web page take such a long time to reach the top, they can console themselves by saying that among the pages having reached the Top 10 on a given request, 22% are less than a year old. Small consolation all the same

2 — The time it takes to appear on the first page of Google


In order to find out more about the time required for a web page to reach the best places in Google, we are still going to rely on a study by Ahrefs.

Looking at the positions of 2 million pages created less than a year ago for the keywords on which they seek to rank, it shows that only 5.7% of these pages manage to position themselves in a Top 10 Google in that time frame.

It is therefore possible to reach the top of Google’s search engine results quite quickly (within 90 to 180 days). However, to achieve such a feat, there is one condition: the keywords where you are going to position yourself must be uncompetitive.

Yes, on poorly formulated requests, 4.8% of web pages manage to reach the Google Top 10 in less than 1 year and 18.1% manage to slip into the Top 100.

These rates drop considerably when it comes to positioning yourself on more competitive keywords. Indeed, 1.3% of web pages reach the Google Top 10 in 1 year on moderately searched keywords and only 0.3% do so on keywords where the volume of searches is high. Integrating the Top 100 is even complex since in one year, more than 9 websites out of 10 fail to integrate it for keywords subject to more than 5000 searches per month.

3 — Criteria favoring/penalizing rapid referencing

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In reality, a good SEO is built over time but it is obvious that various elements can favor or penalize it.

Thus, it will be much easier to position yourself quickly on long tail keywords than on main keywords that are often more competitive.


Add to that the fact that the SEO speed may vary considerably depending on whether the site is recent or whether the site has been present for several years on the web (therefore without SEO effort) and you understand that there is no common truth to all sites.

The age of a site, the popularity of a Gulf Phone Number brand and the competitive intensity of the targeted keywords are in any case three elements that can impact the time it takes to appear at the top of Google results.


Well referencing a website on Google therefore requires time and you will have to know how to be patient if you want to reach the heights.

Of course, if you can, do not hesitate to quickly position your site on secondary keywords but tell yourself that for the main keywords, it will often take 2 to 3 years of hard work to achieve this. , and all the more so if these requests are competitive.

One thing is certain, an SEO expert will do everything to properly reference you as soon as possible. So trust him.