High-quality and reliable data. At SDM we have develop our own framework for measurement which follows a logical chain and guides both our and our customers actions in a process-like manner. Assessment of the current state Most companies already have an existing analytics solution so you rarely have to start from scratch. In the evaluation of the current state we look at the current level of utilization of analytics whether there is trust in the data already collect and whether this trust is justifi. At this stage a more technical audit is

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Dozens of inspection items. Bas on this the reliability of previously collect data can be establish. The evaluation of the current state is an important part of the measurement business lead process so that the starting situation is clear to everyone and we get to know if we can trust the existing information and therefore use it in the future . This is also essential because today in the optimization of advertising channels collect data is often us for example in the form of conversions for example when setting price offers or when looking for target audiences. Thus the reliability of the previous data also controls what we want to fe to the artificial

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In the future in order to achieve the right kind of learning. Read also What is conversion and how do you measure it Measurement strategy A digital measurement strategy is a plan for how to collect data from your organizations online Gulf Phone Number service and marketing and how to analyze it. The measurement strategy is a very important step in the measurement process. It largely determines the success of the other steps. Here too it can be stat that well plann is half done. Collecting information is an essential part of the measurement