Google, from search engine to conversation engine

The visibility of a site on the internet is an important point for any company. Different techniques or policies such as natural referencing make it possible to achieve this at best. Natural referencing brings together all the methods aimed at optimizing the visibility of a site on the pages displaying the results of search engines.

The purpose is that the site is found in the best places in order to attract a maximum of visitors. However, it should be noted that Google regularly changes its algorithm and rules. This contributes to making the means to be adopted to optimize its natural referencing scalable.

In this context, it is essential that experts in the field adapt to new trends. Also in 2022, the field of SEO will face relevant changes. They open multiple possibilities to get better profits from this technique.

Discover useful information on Google’s updates on natural referencing!


What are the big changes in SEO in 2022?

Changes in SEO have a significant and permanent Denmark Phone Number List impact on companies’ digital strategies. Although the sites work with their own methods, they are required to adapt to new developments in order to always have the best results. By relying on experts like  it is easier and more effective to optimize the SEO of your site.


Voice search is a growing trend. This change makes it possible to establish a dialogue between Google and Internet users. These exchanges relate to any subject. One of the particularities of the MDA: it can design responses based on the conversation.

The design of this model makes it possible to program quite specific conversational agents. They are able to hold fairly realistic conversations. Internet users will have the impression of talking to a real person. In order to adapt this change to its SEO methods, it is essential to promote voice search.

For example, SEO experts should make setting up an FAQ page part of their strategies. Beforehand, it will be necessary to study the needs and expectations of Internet users. Such a study makes it possible to provide useful answers to Internet users through the contents of the website.

On the other hand, it is recommended to bet on the mobile versions of the websites. The majority of users who perform voice searches do so through a smartphone or tablet. A mobile site is therefore a decisive asset for optimizing its natural referencing.

The MUM algorithm

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The acronym MUM stands for Multitask Unified Model in English. It is an algorithm involving artificial intelligence in order to facilitate searches for Internet users. In reality, the program establishes a link between the keywords and the intention of the Internet user.

In addition, its multimodal system makes Gulf Phone Number it possible to integrate audio, video or voice content to obtain a relevant response in record time.

This algorithm also integrates 75 different languages. This allows the search response to be translated when it exists on another page into another language. It is also possible to search using images. To best adapt its modifications to your content.

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