A plugin that allows you to have easily shareable product pages can also be useful. You can install our share buttons plugin for wordpress to add social sharing buttons to your website content and product pages. Social mia share buttons allow customers who love what you sell to share your products and other content with their social networks effortlessly. Giving you a boost in those valuable recommendations from friends and family that consumers trust. Alternative option: using wordpress with shopify for e-commerce using wordpress with shopify for e-commerce there are tons of reasons to love shopify for ecommerce.


There's still a solution: you can set up shopify

 After all. The platform’s number one goal is to asia email list make online sales as streamlin as possible. But if you don’t want to part with wordpress. There’s still a solution: you can set up shopify on a subdomain of your main site and designate it as the shopping section of your website. So. Yourdomain com will be where you host wordpress with your blog. Pages. And landing pages Then Shop yourdomain com can be the place to host your shopify store. Simply link to this url from your main website’s shop link.


Your blog will be on your main domain

 And you’ve manag to merge the two. This strategy is especially useful for Gulf Email List business owners who use the content of a blog or website as their primary seo focus . Your blog will be on your main domain (wordpress). Which will attract visitors from search engines. From there. You can direct them to your store through links to your store and product page. WordPress may not be known for its ecommerce capabilities. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a beneficial platform for online store owners. WordPress is customizable across the board.