Mailchimp used to be the most popular option due to its free and basic plans, but there have been changes. Now, their free plan only includes 500 contacts and 1,000 emails per month, which means that as your list grows. Why choose a the costs skyrocket. At Mailchimp, you pay for all contacts, even those who unsubscribe. If you don’t want to pay, you should constantly clean your email list to avoid unnecessary charges.

Best alternatives to MailChimp

Mailrelay stands out as a solid alternative to MailChimp thanks to its competitive rate plan and the wide range of features it offers, even in its free account. This platform has received positive praise from bloggers and freelancers alike, and is definitely worth a try. If you executive email list are looking for free alternatives to Mailchimp , an interesting platform is Brevo. One of the standout features of this email marketing platform is its elegant, easy-to-use email builder with a wide variety of high-quality templates. If you are in the process of professional reinvention or would like to have a personal brand positioned and highlighted in your sector, this list can help you effectively manage your personal branding by creating your own roadmap with the best of each book.

Why choose a Brevo offers a free plan

Therefore, In the paid versions you have many more advanced options. In short, this platform is a solid alternative to Mailchimp that offers a wide range of functionality for email marketing. Easy mailing is an email Gulf Phone Number marketing tool of Spanish origin focused on companies and freelancers. It is a platform that allows clients to create, organize, send and analyze their email marketing strategy from a single system. Therefore, If you want to work on your Personal Brand successfully, here are what are for me the Best Personal Brand Books and that will help you work on your personal branding and improve personal and professional development. It is a list of recommended books to create a personal brand.