Ford promotes canada creates a new part for Ford . This dramatic commitment to storytelling , directed by Danilo Parra, seeks to differentiate Ford’s offer in the electric vehicle market. This is highlighted by Mike Schonberger , vice president and creative director of BBDO Canada. No electric vehicle appears in the short, or rather, no vehicle appears. The role of Ford’s range of electric trucks in the audiovisual piece was to provide the energy necessary to create the audiovisual piece, titled “Mushroom” .

Could provide everything we needed

“The film had to be interesting in top industry data itself,” Schonberger told Adweek . ” Ford’s electric vehicles to create each scene. It’s a location with no pre-existing power sources.” All devices that needed power, including lights, high-definition cameras. Other effects (in addition to the production coffee maker), were powered by Ford electric vehicles. Additionally, a “behind the scenes” video has been published. Where you can see the creation process of “Mushroom”. It’s in this video that you can see Ford vehicles in action “like the unexpected stars behind the camera,” Schonberger said.

Mushroom Ford's new short film

In the 7-minute Gulf Phone Number film you can see that two people, an older man and a young hiker. Come across a mushroom almost a meter high hidden in the forest . Seeing it, they both look for a way to claim them for themselves. In short, “Mushroom” is a short film that explores the greed of men. The power of nature. The director of the piece. Danilo Parra , is a Chilean-American filmmaker. Who has previously worked with Nordstrom , Apple , Weezer and A$AP Rocky.