Then, on November 30, 2021, the era of Google Business Profile was inaugurated. An improved and incentivized Userbusiness owners and, at the same time, detrimental for unstructured agencies that do not have SEO objectives/projects that are too complex and detailed. But let’s see in detail what has changed. You might be interested in: “ChatGPT: opportunities and limits of AI in Marketing” What’s new in Google Business Profile google local First of all, “Business Profile Manager” or “Management of business profiles”

Google My Business, an element that will mainly

Was introduced which will replace the old control panel of the new support larger companies. Second important africa email list  point: the Google My Business app has been discontinued. Third: the new Business Profile API and the new metrics have been introduced with related changes to the way in which users are counted. Download the free guide now to discover all the Adv Online trends and statistics! What is the New Merchant Experience

The so-called New Merchant Experienc

Ae (NMX) represents the new listing management interface for local business owners, which can be used directly from Google Search and in Google Maps. As anticipated, the range of action of the agencies has been reduced and new metrics have also been introduced in order to have an improved analysis of Desktop & Mobile devices. Gulf Phone Number For this new New Merchant Experience , “Unique Views” have been introduced, i.e. the user who, on the same day, searches/visits the profile on Maps or Rete Search is counted only once. You might be interested in: “YuoTube ADS: what are they and why are they important for a business?” What is Vicinity Update google local In November 2021