Everything you need to know about the job of digital marketing manager

Because the profession of digital marketing manager appeared very recently, few people know about it. Also, here is an article to learn a lot of information about this exciting profession.

  • A brand strategist
  • The conductor of your digital marketing project
  • A highly valued expert on the job market
  • A professional with multiple responsibilities

Appeared in recent years, the concept of “digital marketing” — or “digital marketing” — includes “all the marketing techniques used on media and digital channels to promote a product or a brand ”.

Indeed, summarized to simple SEO strategies on the web a few years ago, digital marketing strategies are now much more complex to develop.

This job falls to a digital marketing manager, an expert with broad skills. We propose today to introduce you to this job through the missions entrusted to it before looking at its salary and the training to follow to covet such a position.


A strategist at the service of brands

If some still see a digital marketing manager as an SEO specialist, they are wrong. Indeed, this professional certainly has a solid knowledge of SEO.

For this, he will be able to rely on various marketing techniques:

  • Content marketing (or content Mexico Phone Number List marketing). Whether it is to generate traffic or leads or to boost sales, it is a must. Indeed, in the digital world, content is essential, but you still need to know what content to produce to achieve the objectives you have set. Well, this is the mission of the digital marketing manager since he is responsible for defining the type of content (article, photos, computer graphics, video, podcast, ebook, etc.), the themes to be covered, the format but also the broadcast channel.


  • Email marketing. Email campaigns are an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. The digital marketing manager will therefore have to determine how to use them to prospect for new customers, to inform current customers or to support the implementation of a loyalty program.


  • Mobile marketing. At a time when mobile devices generate more than half of web traffic, it is essential for a brand to be able to offer an optimal experience to those who browse its site from a smartphone or tablet. In this sense, the digital marketing manager can integrate into the digital marketing strategy that he defines the need to offer a responsive design site or even to create a dedicated mobile application.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  •  Aiming to optimize the visibility of a site in search engine results, it is based on natural referencing methods (SEO) and commercial link purchase strategies (SEA). Again, strategic decisions fall to the digital marketing manager.


As you have understood, a digital marketing manager must be extremely versatile and must master many techniques to be able to develop the strategy that will allow a brand to achieve its commercial and communication objectives.

The conductor of your digital marketing project

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If the digital marketing manager is the one who is responsible for defining the digital marketing strategy, he is also the one who will implement it.

It must be said that he is a real conductor who steers the project from his initiative until the objectives are achieved. Indeed, even before the project has started, he is already the one who will meet with clients to present to them the advantages that digital marketing can provide them.

If he manages to convince them, it is surrounded by a team that he will oversee that he will develop the strategy as we have seen previously.

After having taken care to explain Gulf Phone Number his action plan to his clients — and obtained their approval — but also to his collaborators, he will manage the implementation of the project and supervise all the players involved. Over the days and weeks, he will ensure the perfect execution of what has been planned.

He will also take care to measure the results of the various actions and campaigns carried out and will study the return on investment of each one. He will know what works and what does not work and can constantly make improvements to make the strategy more efficient.

In addition to his knowledge of strategic and operational marketing, the digital marketing manager must have many skills: ability to convince, leadership, ability to lead a team, good communication, listening skills, sense of responsibility, etc.

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