Dialogues with your customers

Follow: Study of personas The first step is to do a persona study . It’s not uncommon to find companies that are working with marketing, but still don’t know much about who their potential customers are . To do this, you ne to analyze your company’s ideal customer profiles . There may be more than one group of people, and that’s okay! At this time, it is important to gather information such as: who are these people; what your routines are like; what are your goals; what your nes are; what problems they face; what are your most common purchasing objections.

How your company can help these

I recommend the guide below for you to learn how to structure your persona in more depth: Buying journey: guide to creating your buyer persona Competition Analysis Competitor analysis is also a very important detail before Dialogues with starting to create your Digital Marketing strategy . Fortunately, we can learn a lot from the special data mistakes and successes of other companies in the segment. Therefore, it is important to survey which companies are standing out in your market , who your biggest.

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Recommend; what is the appropriate language to communicate with these people; in which Dialogues with communication channels they search for information; what type of content they usually conume; what is these people’s purchasing journey; what they value in a company in this segment, etc. competitors are and, from there, organize a list of those companies that are worth monitoring. Evaluate what they are Gulf Phone Number doing: what type of content they are producing; what kind of language they are using; how the public is behaving; what mistakes are being made; which actions seem to work.

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