Company finds potential customers and then makes the first contact with them through a strategic approach. In this regard, it is essential to highlight two points. The first is that, when we talk about potential customers. We are referring to those people who are in line with a company’s ideal customer profile. They are the ones who will be more likely to buy a product service sold by her. The second is that customer prospecting is made up of several steps. Such as market research , lead identification and, of course, their qualification. Thus, such prospecting is only effective if these and the rest of the steps are carried out correctly. What is active and passive prospecting? Depending on the type of business and the chosen strategy, customer prospecting can be done in different ways.

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That is, through direct and intentional measures, a company’s sales team identifies and makes the first contact with potential customers. On the other hand, we have passive prospecting, with which a company uses strategies and communication channels that will naturally attract potential customers. Simply put: in action, the company goes after people to make them customers; in the passive, she creates strategies that, by naturally USA Student Phone Number List attracting potential customers, turn them into real customers. What is online and offline prospecting? In addition to the approach you can use to attract customers, another aspect also comes into play: will you do it online or offline? You need to think about this because, depending on your business segment, adopting online prospecting strategies can be more beneficial than adopting offline prospecting strategies.

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What exists is “the best way to prospect for customers taking into account certain variables, such as the company’s segment and customer profile”. Importance of prospecting customers correctly Advertising The correct Gt lists prospecting of customers generates a range of advantages for a business, and one of the main ones concerns the increase in sales. That’s because when she approaches potential customers And engages them strategically, the chances of them closing sales overflow. Another important point of prospecting assertively involves saving resources, such as time, effort and, obviously, money — just imagine the damage a company has to deal with when prospecting customers with paid traffic on a social network that they don’t even use. 8 ways to prospect customers online With regard to online customer prospecting, that done through digital channels and tools, check out the main types below.